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Everything for BBQ: Six indispensable BBQ – Kamado accessories

Yes! Everything for BBQ. Which kamado accessories can help make you the best pitmaster on the block? After all, your new ceramic BBQ is shining in the garden, and after a few uses, you notice that certain accessories can make all the difference. Certain additions can both refine your technique and eliminate the little annoyances of grilling. But which BBQ accessories are really useful and help you prepare the tastiest dishes?

Seasoned barbecuer or beginner, different accessories improve your barbecue skills and also eliminate some frustrations. Have you ever felt that lighting the kamado took forever? That the space around your kamado is just too small and you’re running back and forth from the kitchen to the garden all the time? Your steak just doesn’t have that nice grill stripe? Discover with us the must-have Grill Guru accessories for every pitmaster!

Grill Guru – One minute lighter  

One of Grill Guru’s handiest accessories is the One minute lighter. With this hot air lighter, you light your BBQ within one minute. No more fussing about with firelighters. Simply hold the One minute lighter against the charcoal and within a minute your BBQ is lit. The One Minute Lighter can also be used to light your fireplace or to stoke the fire in the meantime.

Grill Guru – Extended Side table  

No more running back and forth between your kitchen and the BBQ? With the Grill Guru Extended Side table, you can transform your Kamado into an outdoor kitchen in no time, where you always have enough space. Equipped with adjustable legs and therefore effortlessly adaptable to any surface. The table can be placed on either the left or right side of the kamado.

Grill Guru – Cast iron Grids  

Als je echt het beste van het beste van je Grill Guru wilt, dan moet je je eten grillen op een gietijzeren rooster. Het robuuste en duurzame materiaal zorgt ervoor dat je vlees perfect gegrild wordt en geeft een échte BBQ smaak. Gietijzer geeft een consistentere hitte waardoor het ideaal is om op te grillen. Jij wilt toch ook prachtige grillstrepen op je tomahawk steak?! 

Grill Guru – Rotisserie  

If you really want the best of the best from your Grill Guru, then you should grill your food on a cast iron grid. The robust and durable material ensures that your meat is grilled perfectly and gives a real BBQ flavour. Cast iron gives a more consistent heat, making it ideal for grilling. You want beautiful grill marks on your tomahawk steak, don’t you?

Grill Guru – Pizza stones  

If you’re looking for a perfect pizza stone for your kamado BBQ, the Grill Guru – Pizza Stone is an absolute must! Made of cordierite ceramic and manufactured at a very high temperature, this pizza stone is ideal for baking pizza at high temperatures.

The pizza stone also lends itself to baking bread on it. Thanks to the ceramic material, the heat is evenly distributed and retained, ensuring an airy and crispy exterior for your bread and pizza.

Grill Guru – Charcoal Basket  

The Grill Guru – Charcoal Basket has been designed with economy in mind. Thanks to improved airflow around the coals, charcoal consumption is optimised. You can easily remove the remaining coals, sweep up ashes and quickly refill the basket. You lift the basket out of the kamado with ease.

The handy divider allows you to switch between direct and indirect heating zones. You can also choose to light and use only the left or right half. The Grill Guru – Charcoal basket ensures better combustion and more efficient use of charcoal.

The parts of a kamado – ceramic BBQ 

The kamado or a ceramic BBQ consists of several parts that ensure that the barbecue can do its job.

1. The dome (ceramic dome): The dome ensures that the BBQ can be completely sealed. The dimples in the glaze prevent crumbling and cracking of the ceramic. Partly because you can completely close off the kamado, you can use it all year round.

2. The Base: This is the bottom of the kamado. It contains the charcoal and your grids.

3. Ventilation grids: To control the temperature accurately, there is a stainless steel ventilation grid in the base. On top of the dome is the daisy wheel, which is made of cast iron. The air sliders allow you to easily control the temperature, while the built-in thermometer on the dome indicates exactly how hot it is inside.

4. Base and frame: The base and frame are made of steel and equipped with sturdy castors. This way, you can easily roll the barbecue from one side of your garden or balcony to the other.

5. Sealing felt: To make the BBQ airtight, you need good quality felt. The felt provides an airtight seal between the lid and the base of the kamado. This is essential for maintaining the desired temperature inside the kamado, as it prevents hot air from escaping and cold air from entering.

The felt also protects the ceramic edges of both the base and lid of the kamado. The softness of the felt cushions shocks and impacts, which helps prevent damage or cracks in the ceramic. See how to replace the felt here.

6. Hinges: The hinges are made of stainless steel and well adjustable. This in turn ensures a long service life.

7 Essential maintenance tips for your BBQ and accessories  

To ensure that your kamado and BBQ accessories last, proper maintenance is crucial. Whether you are a novice grill master or have been wielding the spatula for years, these 7 essential maintenance tips will help you keep your grilling tools and your Grill Guru in top condition. Read on and get ready for worry-free grilling, season after season.

1. Always store the One Minute Lighter safely, out of reach of children’s hands.

2. Provide a dry, well-ventilated storage place for all your accessories.

3. During the winter months, place the Grill Guru extended side table indoors or protect it with a cover.

4. To keep your cast-iron grill in optimal condition, grease it with edible vegetable oil after cleaning. These oils stand up well to heat without immediately smoking or breaking down and prevent rusting. Read more about cast iron maintenance here.

5. Always clean the rotisserie well with a damp cloth after use and remove food residues.

6. Store the pizza stone inside your shed after you have let it cool down and brushed it clean.

7. Clean the charcoal basket regularly by emptying it and brushing it clean.

Need more tips on maintaining your Grill Guru? Then read on here. (Link to blog on maintenance tips)


With the right BBQ accessories, you can improve your barbecue skills. Grill Guru has a wide range of indispensable BBQ accessories, such as the One Minute Lighter, Extended Side Table, Cast Iron Grids, Rotisserie, Pizza Stone, and Charcoal Basket.

These kamado accessories not only ensure convenience and efficiency in preparing the tastiest dishes, but also help preserve and enhance the durability of your ceramic BBQ. Proper maintenance and storage of the accessories will allow you to enjoy them even longer. So, invest in the right BBQ accessories and turn yourself into a true pitmaster!

Frequently asked questions about Grill Guru accessories

Why do you need to burn in cast iron grates?

Pickling cast iron is essential to improve the durability, non-stick coating and overall performance of cast iron. Pickling cast iron is an investment in performance, resulting in a better cooking experience and long-term convenience.

How do you clean a pizza stone?

You clean a pizza stone by letting it cool down completely before you start cleaning. Use a soft brush to remove any residue and excess flour. Avoid using water, as a pizza stone is porous and can therefore absorb water. Store the pizza stone in a cool, dry place. Protect it from direct contact with other objects to prevent damage.

Can I use the One Minute Lighter for purposes other than my kamado?

Sure! You can also use the Grill Guru – One Minute Lighter to light a fire basket, fireplace or charcoal grill.

How do I maintain the Extended Side Table for a long service life?

To extend the life of the Extended Side Table, we recommend regular cleaning with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals to avoid damage to the surface. If necessary, place it indoors in winter.

How do you clean Grill Guru – Rotisserie?

The Grill Guru – rotisserie is easy to clean. Remove the claws and the rotisserie spit. Clean them with warm water and a mild detergent. Note that the motor is not water-resistant; use a damp cloth to clean it.

Is the Grill Guru – Charcoal Basket also suitable for older kamado models?

Yes, the Charcoal Basket is compatible with several Grill Guru models, including the older versions. Make sure the dimensions of the basket fit your own kamado. NOTE: Before purchasing the firebox, always check what kind of firebox you have.

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