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Grill Guru Petrol

Advised price: € 899

With the Grill Guru Petrol you steal the show with friends, family and neighbors. Not only with its unique color, but also with the delicious dishes you make on this kamado. Whether you are cooking low & slow or high & fast, or smoking hot or cold. From pizzas to grilled vegetables, for 2 people or a group. On a hot summer day, but also on a cold day. No matter what your BBQ moment looks like, with this Grill Guru Petrol it can all be done.

We make it easy, you are a guru.

Also check out the tips for maintenance of your Grill Guru, so you can use it as long as possible!

Article number: GGO221SC
Grill Guru Petrol is supplied with:
  • Powder-coated top ventilation disc.
  • Stainless steel grill rack ø 46 cm.
  • Handy thermometer for smoking, grilling and baking.
  • Interior fire pit and crown burner made of refractory ceramics.
  • Powder-coated frame on castor wheels including 2 with brakes.
  • Complete with plate setter, rain cover, ash poker and a flip grid grill.
  • Includes a 20-year warranty on the ceramic outer shell of the Grill Guru.
  • Two handy bamboo foldaway side tables.
  • Coal rack
  • Stainless steel Flip Grid grill rack ø 46 cm.
  • Height including chassis 124 cm.
  • ø exterior 56 cm and interior 50 cm.
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Flip Grid Sytem

Discover the ultimate versatility of our new Flip Grid system. The stainless steel grid is the perfect base. Thanks to the removable centre piece, you can easily combine with different accessories. Try a cast-iron pan, a grill rack or a pizza stone. It’s super easy!

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