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BBQ Plancha

Advised price: € 899


The Grill Guru BBQ Plancha is the most social way to BBQ in any season! Thanks to its unique design, BQ-ing is no longer a solitary activity allowing you to contribute to your party and mingle in your guests’ conversation.

Discover all the innovations within this BBQ that do the heavy lifting for you! The primary and secondary oxygen flows strongly reduce smoke and are very forgiving to any way you create and tend the fire. Say hi to worry-free BBQ-ing!

The spacious cooking plate with 3 heat zones, heats up fast and accommodates a quick grilled cheese sandwich or a full burger party for your entire sports team. Pre-heated plates, more wood or your favorite tools and spices are just an arm-length away due to its intelligent design. Grill Guru BBQ Plancha – wood fired cooking made easy!

Article number: GB3B75W
EAN: 8720882115549
BBQ Plancha is supplied with:
  • OPTIMIZED FIRE EXPERIENCE: Easy fire creation and minimal smoke production thanks to the new airflow system
  • HEAT ZONES FOR PERFECTION: Three heat zones (low, medium, and high) on the cooking surface to create multiple dishes.
  • DOUBLE-WALLED INSULATION: The double-walled outer shell provides great heat insulation and enables the secondary combustion.
  • HEATED FOOD STORAGE: The special space at the top of the base keeps your dishes warm or pre-heats your plates.
  • EXTRA WORKSPACE: The included side table offers additional workspace, giving you the space you need to prepare your grilled masterpieces.
  • CONVENIENT WOOD STORAGE: Keep your wood for grilling conveniently stored in the bottom of the  base, so you never run out of fuel.
  • EASY TO MOVE: Effortlessly move the Grill Guru BBQ Plancha around your garden with four swifel wheels.
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