Grill Guru Large solo

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The Grill Guru Original Large Kamado Solo, specially designed for placing in a BBQ cabinet. It gives you the pure taste of a charcoal fire. The Grill Guru Original Large Kamado Solo is suitable for up to 8 people. It is a beautiful kamado equipped with all conveniences. Made of high-quality refractory ceramic. Complete with plate-setter and poker. Height 60 cm and a diameter of 56 cm. For delicious and many hours of easy barbecue fun all year round.

What's in your packaging:

Grill Guru Original Large Kamado, Plate setter and poker, Table stand.


Side tables, Stand and Rain cover


The Grill Guru Solo should be placed exclusively on a metal base or built-in table, on a sufficiently fireproof solid barrier such as a 5 cm thick concrete tile, metal table stand or metal table nest. When placed on a metal plate in a wooden table, make sure there is a layer of air between the metal and wooden surface to conduct heat and burn wood.

Also check out the tips for maintenance of your Grill Guru, so you can use it as long as possible!

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Grill Guru Large solo is supplied with:

  • Interior fire pit and crown burner made of refractory ceramics.
  • stainless steel FLIP GRID grille ø 46 cm
  • Powder-coated top ventilation disc.
  • Handy thermometer for smoking, grilling and baking.

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