Grill Guru Large Elite

Recommended retail price: € 1,149.00

The Grill Guru Large Elite, the name says it all. With its black color and chrome accents, you have a real eye-catcher. Features a chip feeder for the distinctive smoke flavor to vegetables, meat or fish and a multi-level cooking system. Perfect for grilling one part directly and the other half indirectly, super easy if you want to prepare several dishes at the same time that need to be prepared differently.

The Grill Guru Elite also has a Charcoal Basket with a handy devider, which allows you to divide your direct and indirect fire source and for more economical charcoal consumption.

Also check out the tips for maintenance of your Grill Guru, so you can use it as long as possible!

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Grill Guru Large Elite is supplied with:

  • High grade 304 stainless steel top ventilation disc
  • Stainless steel grill of 46 cm
  • Interior fire pit and crown burner made of refractory ceramics.
  • Stainless steel base on wheels of which 2 with brake
  • 2 handy bamboo foldable side tables
  • Multi level cooking system consisting of a stainless steel holder and two separate half round plate setters made of cordorite ceramic
  • Ash poke
  • built-in chip feeder

Flip Grid system