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Nos barbecues Grill Guru sont de haute qualité. Conçus et construits pour toutes les saisons. Printemps, été, automne ou hiver, peu importe. Un Grill Guru reste toujours à la bonne température. Que vous fassiez cuire lentement de l’effiloché de porc ou que vous prépariez de délicieuses pizzas, des brochettes satay pour deux ou que vous fassiez un barbecue entre amis. Nous faisons en sorte qu’il soit toujours facile de faire un barbecue.

Grill Guru Compact Complet

Le Grill Guru Compact est le plus petit des kamados.

Grill Guru Medium Complet

Le Grill Guru Classic Medium est parfait pour la cuisson lente, la préparation d'une pizza savoureuse ou tout simplement pour faire griller quelque chose.

Grill Guru Large Complet

Le Grill Guru Large est le vrai classique de cette série. Que vous fassiez un barbecue à 2 ou à 8, avec cuisson lente à basse température ou rapide à haute température.

Grill Guru XL Complet

Le Grill Guru Original XL est le plus grand de la série des kamados de Grill Guru. Vous mangez régulièrement avec 8 personnes ou plus ? Alors ce format est fait pour vous.


Grill Guru Original Large Elite
  • Complet avec un cadre mobile et deux tablettes d'appoint pliantes en bambou particulièrement pratiques.
Prix de vente conseillé: € 1,149.00
The Grill Guru kamado in an unique colour, petrol blue.
  • Complet avec un cadre mobile et deux tablettes d'appoint pliantes en bambou particulièrement pratiques.
  • Complet avec Flip Grid System
Prix de vente conseillé: € 899.00
  • Complet avec un cadre mobile et deux tablettes d'appoint pliantes en bambou particulièrement pratiques.
  • Complet avec Flip Grid System
Prix de vente conseillé: € 1,199.00
  • Complet avec un cadre mobile et deux tablettes d'appoint pliantes en bambou particulièrement pratiques.
  • Complet avec Flip Grid System
Prix de vente conseillé: € 899.00
Prix de vente conseillé: € 749.00
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Easy Pizza BBQ boek


Avec Easy Pizza on the BBQ, il vous suffit de préparer vous-même les pizzas les plus savoureuses ! Car avec une simple pierre à pizza, n’importe quel barbecue muni d’un couvercle peut être transformé en un four à pizza super chaud et rapide. De la meilleure pâte aux plus belles garnitures, salées et sucrées, pour un repas rapide le vendredi soir ou la meilleure fête de la pizza dans le jardin. Pour les barbecues en céramique comme le kamado, les barbecues à bouilloire et les fours à pizza de Grill Guru. Ce sera un été italien avec Easy Pizza sur le BBQ !

Livre Easy BBQ

Bienvenue dans le monde du Easy BBQ

Système Flip Grid

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BBQ Tip! Want to smoke salmon on your Grill Guru? Then make sure your BBQ stays below a temperature of 60 degrees. At a higher temperature, the proteins will come out of the meat.

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🔥 Get ready for the ultimate BBQ experience with Grill Guru's ceramic BBQ and take your grilling skills to the next level! But why should you invest in a ceramic BBQ? Here are four great reasons:

1️⃣ Perfect temperature control: The thick ceramic design lets you easily control the temperature, resulting in juicy meats and a wider range of delicious dishes. You can do more than just grill meats, veggies, and fish—you can even bake bread and cookies in this versatile BBQ. Worried about temperature control? No worries at all! Just adjust the airflow with the top cap and bottom vent for effortless control.

2️⃣ Endless possibilities with Grill Guru: The ceramic BBQ offers incredible versatility, allowing you to grill, bake, do low and slow cooking, and even bake delicious pizzas. Its outstanding heat retention lets you achieve high temperatures, making those crispy pizzas a minute. 

3️⃣ Efficient and economical: Thanks to its ceramic construction, this BBQ maximizes charcoal efficiency. You'll use less fuel, and its low consumption ensures you can enjoy your culinary adventures for longer.

4️⃣ Built to last: A ceramic BBQ is crafted with durability in mind. It can withstand the test of time, effortlessly enduring extreme temperatures without rusting. This means you can savor delightful BBQ moments for years to come.

🌿 So, what are you waiting for? Join the ceramic BBQ revolution and treat your taste buds to a world of incredible flavors! 🍗🌶️✨ #BBQdelights #bbq #CeramicPowerhouse #LongLiveFlavor
Mother's Day is coming up and what could be more fun than surprising your mother with Grill Guru's latest cookbook: Easy Pizza op de BBQ! It contains the most delicious recipes for delicious pizzas, all prepared on the BBQ. Give your mother a gift that will make her really happy and that you can enjoy together. Order Easy Pizza on the BBQ now on our website or buy it at a dealer and make Mother's Day an unforgettable day!

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It's almost Mother's Day, and what could be more fun than giving your mum a gift that will really make her happy? At Grill Guru, we have some great gift ideas for Mother's Day that are guaranteed to please all BBQ-loving mums. How about our Tortilla Set, the latest cookbook Easy Pizza van de BBQ or a Pizza shovel? Check out our webshop or visit a dealer nearby. 

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With this low and slow set, you can prepare, among other things, the tastiest pulled pork on your Grill Guru. This set contains everything you need to prepare the tastiest pulled pork. Don't have the set yet? Then visit a dealer near you or order the low and slow set in our webshop.

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Happy Birthday King Willem! 🇱🇺🔥 Share a photo your favourite King's Day BBQ recipe, and win one of the three new Grill Guru Easy Pizza op BBQ cookbooks. Share the photo in your story and tag us @grillguru.official, send via DM or comment below this post. We will announce the three winners next week. 

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Kirsten and Michelle from @grillgurugirls prepared this delicious tomahawk with green asparagus and fries on the Grill Guru. Subscribe to our newsletter as we will share their recipe tomorrow morning. Sign up from at www.grillguru.com🔥

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Do you already have a Cast Iron Grid for your Grill Guru? We have this thick Cast Iron Grid in various sizes. It allows you to create beautiful grill stripes on the food and this grid provides an extra taste experience. Buy it now at a dealer near you or order it in our webshop.

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What will you prepare on your Grill Guru during Easter? Maybe a nice dish of grilled white asparagus with salmon?

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We now know that you can do much more with your Grill Guru than just grill meat or vegetables. Because the thick ceramic makes your BBQ like an oven. You can bake pies or cakes in it, see our previous post about a banana bread. But how delicious is it to bake a freshly baked focaccia and serve it warm with drinks? You can find the recipe in our latest cookbook - Easy Pizza on the BBQ. We explain step by step in the book how to make this recipe. The book is available from all (online) bookstores, BBQ specialist shops, our dealers or our own webshop.

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What is your favourite roasted vegetable from the Grill Guru?

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3 Tips to make your Grill Guru summer-proof: 

TIP 1. 
Remove the old charcoal residue from your Grill Guru and fill the firebox half with new coals. Only light the kamado in one place. If you light in several places, the temperature will rise faster, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

TIP 2. 
Let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. This will prevent (possible) cracking and/or snapping of the ceramic. For this step, open the air slide in your base completely and leave the top cap slightly ajar. As soon as your dome thermometer reads 100 degrees, you know your kamado is firing properly. Has your BBQ reached 100 degrees? Then slide the air slide in the base closed again until it is only a quarter open.

TIP 3. 
Try not to let the temperature rise above 150 degrees for 3 hours. You will see that the "winter moisture" will pull out of the kamado. Tip: also use your platesetter. This will make it easier to prevent the temperature from rising (too) fast. Let your charcoal burn up completely, so you can be sure that the winter moisture has been pulled out of your Grill Guru.

Did mould form inside your kamado during the winter? This will also disappear now, during summer preparation.

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What would you make with the Grill Guru Rotisserie?

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Have you got our latest pizza cookbook yet? Get it at a local bookstore near you or at BBQ specialty shops.

Grill Guru, the easy way!

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