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Die hochwertigen Qualitätsgrills von Grill Guru wurden für alle Jahreszeiten entworfen und gebaut. Ob Sie nun langsam Pulled Pork garen oder eine leckere Pizza zubereiten, ein Grill Guru bleibt immer auf Temperatur, egal, was das Außenthermometer angibt. Und ob Sie jetzt Satay-Spieße für zwei auf dem Rost braten oder mit Freunden grillen - die verschiedenen Modelle von Grill Guru sorgen dafür, dass das Grillen immer super einfach ist.

Grill Guru Compact Complete

Der Grill Guru Compact Complete ist der kleinste unter den Kamados.

Grill Guru Medium Complete

Der Grill Guru Classic Medium eignet sich gut fürs langsame Garen, um eine leckere Pizza zuzubereiten oder um einfach etwas auf den Grill zu legen.

Grill Guru Large Complete

Der Grill Guru Large ist der echte Klassiker aus dieser Serie. Egal, ob Sie nun zu zweit oder zu acht grillen, ob langsam auf niedriger Temperatur oder schnell auf hoher Flamme.

Grill Guru XL Complete

Der Grill Guru Original XL ist der größte aus der Kamado-Serie von Grill Guru. Essen Sie regelmäßig zu achst oder mit noch mehr Leuten zusammen? Dann ist dieses Format etwas für Sie.


Empfohlener Preis: € 899.00
The Grill Guru kamado in an unique colour, petrol blue.
Empfohlener Preis: € 899.00
Empfohlener Preis: € 1,199.00
Grill Guru Original Large Elite
Empfohlener Preis: € 1,149.00
Empfohlener Preis: € 749.00
Welches ist der beste Kamado für mich?
Easy Pizza BBQ boek


Mit Easy Pizza on the BBQ machen Sie die leckersten Pizzen einfach selbst! Denn mit einem einfachen Pizzastein lässt sich jeder Grill mit Deckel in einen superheißen, schnellen Pizzaofen verwandeln. Vom besten Teig bis hin zu den schönsten Belägen, herzhaft und süß, für den schnellen Happen am Freitagabend oder die beste Pizza-Party im Hinterhof. Für keramische BBQs wie Kamado, Kugelgrills und Grill Guru Pizzaöfen. Das wird ein italienischer Sommer mit Easy Pizza auf dem Grill!


Willkommen in der Welt des einfachen Grillens


Die ultimative Vielseitigkeit dank des neuen Flip-Grid-Systems von Grill Guru. Der Edelstahlrost ist die perfekte Basis, und dank des herausnehmbaren Mittelteils können Sie es leicht mit unterschiedlichen Accessoires wie zum Beispiel Gußeisenpfanne, Grillrost und Pizzastein kombinieren. Super einfach!

Empfohlener Preis: € 899.00
Empfohlener Preis: € 1,199.00

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With the Grill Guru Rotisserie Skewer Rack, you can easily grill the most delicious skewers. Because the Skewer Rack rotates, the food will cook evenly and won't burn. Do you often make the same skewers? Then try something new with skewers featuring salmon, lemon, and pointed cabbage, or make sticky bacon skewers with pineapple and bell pepper🔥

#bbq #skewers #spiesjes #bbqlife #bacon #grillguru
One of the most popular accessories of the moment: the Grill Guru Rotisserie. With this, you can effortlessly prepare the most delicious chicken, shawarma, or grilled pineapple. Don't have it at home yet? Head to a dealer near you and get the rotisserie🔥

#grillguru #bbq #rotisserie #chicken
A Flammkuchen with steak from made with the Grill Guru Pizza Oven. Easy and incredibly delicious, and in less than 3 minutes, you’ll have a crispy Flammkuchen! 

#bbq #grillguru #flammkuchen #irishbeef
“Pinwheel” of bavette, filled with Asian vegetables. Brush the pinwheels with a delicious sauce and sprinkle some finely chopped hazelnuts over the pinwheels. Read below to learn how to make the recipe:

- Butcher’s twine
- Skewers

- 1 kg Bavette
- 75 grams julienned carrots
- ½ red onion, sliced into half rings
- 125 grams bean sprouts
- 3 spring onions
- 1 red pepper, sliced thinly
- Oyster sauce
- Chopped hazelnuts
- 6 wooden skewers

Let’s get started!
1. Preheat the barbecue with indirect heat at 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit).
2. Ask the butcher to butterfly the Bavette or do it yourself by cutting it lengthwise with long strokes of the knife, so you can unfold the bavette.
3. Distribute the red onion, carrot, bean sprouts, spring onion, and red pepper over the bavette and roll it up.
4. Secure the Bavette tightly with butcher’s twine to prevent it from unrolling.
5. Place a meat thermometer in the roast and place it on the grill grate. Remove the roast from the heat when the internal temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius (116.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
6. Meanwhile, finely chop the hazelnuts and put the oyster sauce in a bowl. (This is also a good time to prepare your rice or noodles in advance.)
7. Once the Bavette reaches an internal temperature of 47 degrees Celsius, remove it from the heat. Now set up your BBQ for direct heat and grill the Bavette at 180-200 degrees Celsius (356-392 degrees Fahrenheit) until the internal temperature reaches 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Let it rest for 10 minutes afterwards.
8. Now distribute 6 skewers across the roast and then remove the butcher’s twine.
9. Cut the roast between the skewers, dip one side in the oyster sauce and then in the chopped hazelnuts. Serve with rice/noodles and optionally garnish with some cilantro/parsley. Enjoy your meal!

#grillguru #irishbeef #beef #pinwheel #bbq #azian #bavette #kamado
Beercan chicken, a classic but oh so delicious! @kokenmetpam shows you how to prepare this. Sign up for the newsletter and receive the recipe in your email tomorrow.

#grillguru #Recepten #bbq #beercanchicken #chicken #kip
🔥 The ultimate BBQ experience, even on vacation! 🏖️ The Grill Guru Table Top, a compact and portable ceramic tabletop barbecue. Wherever you are, savor perfectly cooked dishes with even heat distribution. Easy to use, quick to grill. Make your vacation unforgettable with delicious meals! Visit a dealer near you to score this Grill Guru Table Top. 

#GrillGuru #TableTop #BBQ #bbqlife #grilling #bbqlovers #vacationmood
It's time! The moment we've all been waiting for... the Grill Guru Rotisserie is available again! Order it now in our shop at www.shop.grillguru.com or visit a dealer near you. What will you make with the Rotisserie?

#rotisserie #bbq #grillguru #bbqlife #rotisseriegrillguru
Father's Day Tip! Do you have a Grill Guru rotisserie? Then this accessory is perfect for you! With this Skewer Rack, you can effortlessly prepare the most delicious skewers! As the Skewer Rack rotates, the food will cook evenly without quickly burning. Create vegetable and meat skewers for the main course or try preparing fruit skewers for dessert. It's simple and time-saving.

#grillguru #bbq #skewerrack #fathersday #rotisserie
BBQ Tip! Want to smoke salmon on your Grill Guru? Then make sure your BBQ stays below a temperature of 60 degrees. At a higher temperature, the proteins will come out of the meat.

#grillguru #bbq #salmon #zalm
Which BBQ dish will you choose? Tacos with shrimps or pokérbowl with grilled salmon? You can find the recipe in our cookbook: Easy BBQ, every moment🔥

#grillguru #recipe #cooking #fish #tacos #shrimps
🔥 Get ready for the ultimate BBQ experience with Grill Guru's ceramic BBQ and take your grilling skills to the next level! But why should you invest in a ceramic BBQ? Here are four great reasons:

1️⃣ Perfect temperature control: The thick ceramic design lets you easily control the temperature, resulting in juicy meats and a wider range of delicious dishes. You can do more than just grill meats, veggies, and fish—you can even bake bread and cookies in this versatile BBQ. Worried about temperature control? No worries at all! Just adjust the airflow with the top cap and bottom vent for effortless control.

2️⃣ Endless possibilities with Grill Guru: The ceramic BBQ offers incredible versatility, allowing you to grill, bake, do low and slow cooking, and even bake delicious pizzas. Its outstanding heat retention lets you achieve high temperatures, making those crispy pizzas a minute. 

3️⃣ Efficient and economical: Thanks to its ceramic construction, this BBQ maximizes charcoal efficiency. You'll use less fuel, and its low consumption ensures you can enjoy your culinary adventures for longer.

4️⃣ Built to last: A ceramic BBQ is crafted with durability in mind. It can withstand the test of time, effortlessly enduring extreme temperatures without rusting. This means you can savor delightful BBQ moments for years to come.

🌿 So, what are you waiting for? Join the ceramic BBQ revolution and treat your taste buds to a world of incredible flavors! 🍗🌶️✨ #BBQdelights #bbq #CeramicPowerhouse #LongLiveFlavor
Mother's Day is coming up and what could be more fun than surprising your mother with Grill Guru's latest cookbook: Easy Pizza op de BBQ! It contains the most delicious recipes for delicious pizzas, all prepared on the BBQ. Give your mother a gift that will make her really happy and that you can enjoy together. Order Easy Pizza on the BBQ now on our website or buy it at a dealer and make Mother's Day an unforgettable day!

#grillguru #moederdag #easypizzaopdebbq #bbq #kookboek #cadeautip #grilling #pizza
It's almost Mother's Day, and what could be more fun than giving your mum a gift that will really make her happy? At Grill Guru, we have some great gift ideas for Mother's Day that are guaranteed to please all BBQ-loving mums. How about our Tortilla Set, the latest cookbook Easy Pizza van de BBQ or a Pizza shovel? Check out our webshop or visit a dealer nearby. 

#grillguru #bbq #motherdsday #grilling #bbqlife #bbqtime
With this low and slow set, you can prepare, among other things, the tastiest pulled pork on your Grill Guru. This set contains everything you need to prepare the tastiest pulled pork. Don't have the set yet? Then visit a dealer near you or order the low and slow set in our webshop.

 #pulledpork #barbecue #bbq #pulledporkset #lowandslow #food
Happy Birthday King Willem! 🇱🇺🔥 Share a photo your favourite King's Day BBQ recipe, and win one of the three new Grill Guru Easy Pizza op BBQ cookbooks. Share the photo in your story and tag us @grillguru.official, send via DM or comment below this post. We will announce the three winners next week. 

#bbq #koningsdag #barbecue #cooking #bbqlover

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