Grill Guru Grillerette Deluxe

Recommended retail price: € 122.95

Barbecuing can be done with anyone and anywhere. On a beautiful summer evening with friends at home. A birthday party on the beach, over a lazy lunch deep in soft pillows. Or just like that, in a sloop or a picnic bash in the park. Then you want to have a reliable and user-friendly grill. One that is up for grabs and you can take with you anywhere. The Grillerette is then your friend. With a handful of charcoal, you'll have an evening of fun. The smart battery or power bank powered fan (via the built-in usb connector) also means there's no hassle of cranking it up to get a fire going. As a result, the BBQ is ready for use in as little as 3 minutes.

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Grill Guru Grillerette Deluxe is supplied with:

  • Easy to take to boat, garden, campsite or roof terrace.
  • Easy to light in 3 minutes.

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